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This poor girl is a product of a cruelty and neglect case. You cannot see what I could see, but this girl is emaciated. Her hind quarters were shaking and she could barely stand. I was feeling her skeleton so we could photograph the neglect. The owner will be heading […]

Out, but still not safe

Hamilton 18486
I feel so disappointed that I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like. The southern volunteers have me on a tight schedule. They had a dog walk for some of the dogs at the shelter. There were about 20 of us. Of course I chose the biggest […]

Dog Walk in Hamilton County

Debbie Ginn 18626
Debbie Ginn rescued my dog, Chase. Chase was found at the bottom of a dumpster by a couple who was traveling through a rest area. They called the police and told her where she was located so she could be saved. 4-5 days later, the couple went back to check […]

Debbie Ginn – My Mentor

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Today, Donna is bringing me to a dog walk at the Humane Educational Society. That is where I visited yesterday. They easily have over 200 dogs. It’s extremely overwhelming. While they set up, I will be able to interact with the dogs I’d like to pull. I will be testing […]

Dark Chocolate

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Check out the look on my face. You know where this one is going. I named her Paisley. We’ll need help vetting this girl. If you’d like to sponsor, go to our page.   Going to post more pictures to Facebook. My computer is going really slow and it’s […]

The Look

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As we made our way through the shelter, there was this one tiny puppy who was all by himself in a kennel. He looked so cute just sitting there with his paws on the cage. He almost looked like Gizmo from Gremlins. I went into the cage to hold him […]

Tucker – Little Mangey

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Melissa, Debbie and Donna coordinated the day. First stop was Walker County early this morning. We having been going non-stop. I thought I’d be able to shoot out a quick blog, but clearly that didn’t happen. Also, I shot my video at a high-resolution so I’m working on trying to […]

Walker County Visit

houston cowboy 25026
It’s 10:23pm and I’m in Georgia at the local watering hole – waiting for my next flight. Looks like I’m making friends already. I strategically positioned myself across from this Houston Cowboy. Turns out Trey is a dog lover himself. His mom has a whole ranch of dogs in Texas. […]