Day Three – Lost Pup 19342

IMG_9130_REZI was scheduled to do an interview with the local paper at 3:00 in Chilton County on Tuesday. During the email, a grandmother and granddaughter pulled up with two dachshunds. The tan one was pregnant, and the other a 10-month old, timid tri-colored male. They needed to get rid of them because one chewed everyone’s underwear and the other just chews in general. Apparently it’s too much effort to put your dirty underwear in a clothes hamper.

IMG_9150_REZPrior to bringing them into the shelter, I mentioned to everyone they wouldn’t need to be in quarantine the full two weeks if they don’t step on the ground of the shelter. Sure enough, one of the employees at the shelter said he would foster both of them. We were all elated. They took out a couple crates to put each one in safely for their travels. The young male was the first to go into his crate. He was really scared and nervous so he started to try to back out of the crate. Sure enough, he slipped out of his hands and he took off. The worst thing you can do when I dog gets away is chase after him or her. Unfortunately, sometimes your instincts take over and you run anyway. I tried to yell to the individual running to stop running after the dog, but it was too late. All I could see in the far distance was this little dog in a wide open field, and then he disappeared into someone’s yard. We all went out searching for him with no luck. (Pictured: The President of Chilton County, Jenny Millwee)

IMG_9142_REZAs of today (Thursday), he has not been found however they are still searching for him. It was awful to witness this happening. I get a pit in my stomach every time I think about it.

Ironically, when the owner called out for her own dog, he didn’t even come back to her. They left about 30 minutes after his escape. The pregnant mama is in quarantine.

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