Day Three – Rural Home 19886

Yesterday was a very difficult day. I am officially exhausted mentally a physically. I was really sad to leave Kandys. She does so much and I wish I could stay there to help her. I have even more respect for her after watching how much she does and how many hours it takes her to accomplish everything. Kandys wrapped my three little roses in an elastic and put them in a little dixie cup so I could take it with me on my journey. After shedding a few tears (actually many), my next transport was here to pick me up… with a leash! Thank goodness for Tina and her sassy sense of humor for drying up my tears.

I went to Tina’s house so I could meet some of our dogs who have been staying there during their quarantine period. I was also lucky enough to see two liters of baby possums that she is nursing back to health. Tina not only helps us save dogs, but she is a wildlife¬†rehabilitator.

IMG_8970_REZFirst stop, we went to a place where a couple are doing their best to keep dogs safe until she finds a home for them. Michelle and Michael have found many of these dogs on streets where they almost got hit by a car, as well as in their backyard. One even came to them with a slashed neck and injured leg.

Michelle and Michael live in a trailer with their daughter, Pepper. They have a good amount of land and Michael has built all the make-shift dog pens and dog houses. There are several pens. The dogs have little grass and it’s most covered with dusty dirt. The backyard pens are what I’m concerned about. They are in the hot sun without shade. Yesterday was only about 65 degrees, however I’m already thinking about what’s to come.

IMG_8952_REZAll the dogs water buckets have fresh water and they have one huge bowl of dog for for all of them to share. The couple put in their own money to feed these dogs. Michelle even works at Walmart so she could get a discount on dog food.¬†The dogs pace along the fenced-in area, hop onto their dog houses, and get up on their hind legs to lean against the fence almost pleading with their eyes for help. Already my stomach is in knots and my mind is racing to figure out how I’m going to help them all. Many of the dogs are what are considered, ‘not highly adoptable’. It kills me to say this but in my experience, people rarely gravitate toward these breeds. Regardless, I took photos of them all so I could give it the good ol college try.

Before we left, I gave Michelle $40. It’s peanuts compared to what they need, but I still have other shelters to visit. I can always send more and hope to raise money. I have to go get ready to visit Tuscaloosa today. I have 25 minutes to shower and pack. Sorry for the typos. Blogging is long overdue but internet is slow. Today seems to be better.


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