Day Two – Kandys’s House 19922

I’m a day behind as internet is very, very slow here. I spent most of the day outside with our dogs. Kandys has a few dogs here that she thought wasn’t adoptable, so I’m going to work on finding them a home as well. We are short on foster homes, so dogs have to stay in kennels until someone wants to adopt them.

Kandys’s typical day starts at 5:00 and ends at about 10:30. She starts off taking turns allowing all the dogs to run in a field before she gets on her school bus to pick up the kids. I felt guilty for sleeping in until 6:30 after watching her in the middle of the field in her rubber boots, sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt. She is spending one-on-one time with a new resident named Quincy. Kandys is building up trust interacting with him, while rewarding with treats. Mind you, this is not one of her boarding residents that she gets paid for, this is a  new dog who was almost shot for *getting into trouble* with their female dog. Um, ever hear of spay and neuter, people?

Quincy is still a timid dog. He so much wants human attention. I sat with him in his kennel for a while yesterday and he would approach me slowly. His head was low and his tail was wagging as if he was uncertain if he should be happy. Quincy also doesn’t know what to make of my camera and tends to hide whenever I take it out. He appears to be mixed with Golden Retriever and maybe Chow. He has little black spots on his tongue but that isn’t a determining factor that he is in fact Chow. Many dogs have pigmentation on their tongues.

Since I started to wrote this blog, Kandys is now gone in her school bus. She will be back at 8:00 and we will be starting our day. Still having trouble uploading pictures. Will try later.

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