Wrapping things up 18685

It’s my last full day today and I feel like I have so much more to accomplish. We have been averaging 15-16 hour days, hence my lack of communication.

Today, we are going to go pick up some dogs from the vet, bring the 3 black lab puppies TO the vet, go to Sheryle’s (our go-to boarding facility), pick up Vail and Tater at Mr. Caramel so they can get loaded on tomorrow’s transport, and take pictures of all of the dogs who were already lcoated at Chris’s. Then I have to pack for tomorrow. We leave at 4am to head back up north. Things usually pop up unexpectedly throughout the day as well.

Yesterday, we went to Animal Control. There they only have 3 days to live. I had the most anxiety there out of all the places I have visited. This is because Animal Control is not really an adoption center and they don’t get much exposure. That is where we picked up the two sheltie puppies and River, the black miniature Newfi-like dog. There are two others who are there that have until Monday. Chris will be going back to get them. Breaks my heart that I cannot pull all of them. I am remaining strong now, but I anticipate once this is over and I’m back in my own surroundings, that everything will hit me and I will remember those I left behind. My eyes water as I type this.

The other place we visited was the Kingsport Animal Shelter. It is such a nice shelter and the people who work there are so nice and accommodating. I am grateful for this as other shelters I’ve visited aren’t as nice and accommodating. It is quite frustrating, I assure you. It takes every ounce inside of me not to shoot off my mouth as I am known to do. Ask any of our volunteers, they’ll tell you what a mouth I have on me. Regardless, Chris loves this shelter and I am so happy about the relationship she has with them. They have a clean shelter and the animals are treated with respect.

I have to tell ya’all that I have risked my life coming down here. Chris is the worst driver in the world. Scolding her for her terrible driving has not helped, therefore I insist on driving her van around to ensure my safety. She and I are like Thema and Louise. When my cell rings, she’ll say, “I hate your ringtone”. And I’m like, “Well I hate yours.” The bickering is brief and we laugh about it later. I do not, however, laugh about her driving skills.

Chris has been a great sport throughout this adventure. She has really bad knees and it’s a lot for her to do this much running around. We both realize I only have a short window of time to make the most impact with my visit. She is truly a Saint and I wish all of you could see what she does in her day. Often times we get home around 9-10pm, and then she goes out to feed all (approximately) 20 dogs. I ask if I can help but she prefers to do it on her own as she has her own routine she says. So I come in the house and take car of other things like clean up the #1 and #2 messes. Last night I had the luxury on kneeing into #2 with my beautiful riding boots without my knowledge. I stood up and froze in disbelief over the visual of that on my boots. If my sister ends up reading this blog, I assure you she is hysterical over that visual.

I checked on George my pittie yesterday at the boarding facility and he’s doing great. I brought him a couple toys as I did the others who are being boarded there. I spent about $200 in toys because I felt sad that the dogs here did not have any. Donations would be appreciated so we can keep doing this for the dogs being boarded here. Sometimes they are here at great lengths of time.

I will miss being called “honey” and “sweetie” (and not by Chris) down here as I am not called that in the north. This experience has been so rewarding and I will be back down here soon. It’s difficult because I only get 3 weeks vacation and taking the time off is no vacation. It is work, but very rewarding work. I wish I could do this full-time but like everyone else, there are bills to pay and fur babies to take care of.

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