Haley – There’s no place like home 18731

It’s so nice to meet the face behind the picture. I am now in Kingston, TN and have met Haley – the pregnant Rottie. She is just the sweetest little thing. I tricked Chris (our southern volunteer) to let Haley spend time with me on the couch. I like to see if they are snugglers or not. Haley wanted to be as close to me as possible. So close that I could barely blog. Don’t get me wrong. She wasn’t over-bearing where I couldn’t type. She was just wanting to stay close to me because she loved being with a human. The more I pet her, the more she wanted to be close.I think she was happy because her little nub of a tail was going a mile a minute.

I also met her puppies. Let me tell you, they look like baby black hippos with fur. They were so cute and are now walking around. One of the females is a sassy monkey. As I was taking her picture, she would bark at me with her raspy little voice. We were laughing so hard because she had such a little mouth, but the bark was quite loud.

If you think you might be interested in Haley, I can assure you, she is a love of a dog. She is very unassuming and appreciative at her second change of life.

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