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Today, George (the pitbull) and I were transported from Chickamauga, GA to Kingsport, TN. It was sad to leave Melissa and Debbie, and I admit I shed a tear or two. I’m sure they are relieve that I left as they kept me non-stop busy all 4 days I was with them.

Despite being sad about leaving the dynamic duo, I was excited to meet Chris Owens. She is one of DDR’s main contacts in TN. We work together regularly and talk on the phone anywhere from 1-6 times a day. Questions here and there pop up regarding the dogs so it’s imperative we are able to get in touch.

When she picked me up at the local, Arby’s, she had Haley and Kiera with her. Both were spade recently so they can make their way up north. It was fun to see two of the dogs that we had pulled together. George was great when he met the girls. He was wagging his tail like crazy over Kiera.

Chris and I had a ton to do today. First stop: Elizabethan Shelter. This is one of the shelters we get many of our dogs from. We only had an hour to make our way through the shelter and take pictures before it closed down. We ended up pulling two dogs, and have two others on hold. One of which might get reclaimed by his owner. We tested them with the cats and all of them passed.

We were about to leave when an old, rusty, pick-up truck pulled up to the shelter. Chris and I both overhead someone say, “puppies”. We both ran outside to see what was going on. Sure enough, there were 3 black lab puppies in the back of a pick-up. We made sure they didn’t step foot into the shelter because once they do, they are susceptible to diseases. Once they’re in the shelter, we need to quarantine them for 4 weeks. So we begged the girl to keep them a week so we can find a home for them. She agreed. We need to find homes for these pups ASAP. So if you’re interested, please contact Ruth at


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