Hossie the Bossie 19936

Hossie is Melissa’s Bulldog. He is extremely large. I mean, this boy is about 75 lbs! The first morning I woke up, he was at my door and I could only see half of his profile with his eyes staring at me out of the corner of his eye. Then he came barrel-assing toward me like a bull in a china shop. Over time, Hossie could tell that I was favoring him over the other 12-13 dogs so he knew to come over to me. Melissa would tell me stories how he is very protective of their golf cart (to get around their 15 acres of land) and their car. I saw first hand how he would get into the golf cart and snap like a snapping turtle when Melissa’s husband tried to move him. Poor Mark has the battle scars to proof it. Apparently he gets very protective of things he likes – and I mean VERY PROTECTIVE.

Last night as I was uploading my photos and blogging, Hossie came running at me full speed. He jumped up onto the ottoman. Well, he planted himself on me. At first I thought it was so cute. Then he started to kiss me all over my face and wouldnt’ let me stop him. I think it’s the most action I’ve have in a long time to be frank. It all started to turn bad when he was face to face with me growling. I was like, OMG. The lovin’ turned to hatin’. Apparently, Hossie was acting as if I was his property and was fixated on me. Mark tried to come over and move him and he wouldn’t budge. I think that will be the last time I let him just up on the Ottoson, I mean the ottoman.

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