Dog Walk in Hamilton County 18486

I feel so disappointed that I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like. The southern volunteers have me on a tight schedule.

They had a dog walk for some of the dogs at the shelter. There were about 20 of us. Of course I chose the biggest and hairiest dog to walk with not thinking who would be taking who for a walk.

As we were walking, I thought *I’d try* the Cesar Milan school of dog walking. After a couple of tugs and “Shhh”, he was walking alongside me. I mean, he wasn’t doing it the entire walk, but he would respond whenever I gave the command. He would also sit. I didn’t want to do training since it was his ‘Get out of Jail FREE’ card. When we made our way by the quarry, the poor fella was so hot that he laid right down in the water – total submersion.

It killed me to put him back in his cage. Especially when he was peering out the window. I told him not to fret because we’re going to get sponsors so he can become a Double Dog Rescue Dog. His name… Hamilton.

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