Debbie Ginn – My Mentor 18626

Debbie Ginn rescued my dog, Chase. Chase was found at the bottom of a dumpster by a couple who was traveling through a rest area. They called the police and told her where she was located so she could be saved. 4-5 days later, the couple went back to check on Chase. She was still there… Scared, shivering and was covered head to toe with fleas and ticks. The saved her and brought her to Debbie.

After adopting Chase, I kept in touch with Debbie and asked how I could do more to save more dogs.  She encouraged Laurie and me to start a rescue in north. Debbie introduced us to about 8 southern volunteers who posted on the site as well. We are now a team of over 40.

Debbie and I affectionately refer to Chase as the Dumpster Diver,  as well as, The Diva. She went from rags to riches and it definitely went to her head.

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