Walker County Visit 22908

Melissa, Debbie and Donna coordinated the day. First stop was Walker County early this morning. We having been going non-stop. I thought I’d be able to shoot out a quick blog, but clearly that didn’t happen. Also, I shot my video at a high-resolution so I’m working on trying to downsize. Bear with me.

So I have to admit, the night before I left for Tennessee, I was second-guessing my decision to go down south. I even called my sister crying after watching that video of the same exact shelter I was going to visit. I started to ask myself several questions. Why am I putting myself through this? What did I have to gain out of this experience? Was I going to be scared after this visit? Clearly this is only going to scare me. Regardless of my fear, I made a commitment and I just felt like I had to go through with it.

We left early in the morning to head over Walker County. As we approached the shelter, my heart was racing and my palms were sweating. I really thought I could hear my heart beating. No turning back now.

We walked through two doors to get to the shelter area. The first dog I saw resembled a St. Bernard-Retriever. Immediately I was drawn to him. I felt my mouth turn downward and my eyes water as I kneel down beside him. I overheard Donna say, don’t do that. You’re going to make me cry. This boy had a great spirit despite being in a place where he had no idea about his fate. As I pet him through the gate with his paw in the air, something occurred to me. He doesn’t have to die. I can take him today. And this is why I am here. To take pictures and videos of more dogs like Bogie. So more dogs can be saved. After I had this revelation, I felt stronger. I was ready to make my way through the rest of the shelter. And I did. No more crying and just focused on the experience.

I always tell foster homes and/or adopters that once they name the dog, he or she is pretty much yours. By the way, I named him Bogie.

Bogie is getting pulled on Monday and will be up for adoption on the DDR site soon.


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