Giddy-up 25025

It’s 10:23pm and I’m in Georgia at the local watering hole – waiting for my next flight. Looks like I’m making friends already. I strategically positioned myself across from this Houston Cowboy. Turns out Trey is a dog lover himself. His mom has a whole ranch of dogs in Texas. I’m going to reach out to her to see if she’d like help adopting them out.

And the Southern DDR team told me I’d never meet handsome southern gent with teeth. You guys need to have faith in me! Unfortunately, this southern gent with teeth was married. Kind of looks like Bobby Ewing, don’t ya think?

Keeping it light now. Tomorrow is a different deal. I watched a video last night that was shot in Chattanooga. I don’t think I watched it for 5, maybe 10 seconds, before I started crying. Since then, I have been second guessing my mission.

Keep me going by writing comments. Even if I only have 5 follows. It will remind me of home.


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