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Two dogs just spotted on the highway. Pulling off exit now to go back and try to catch them. If they run, we will not want to catch bc they will run onto the highway. Cross your fingers and I’ll report back. Went back, they weren’t there. No sightings at […]

2 dogs on highway

Hossie_A 19936
Hossie is Melissa’s Bulldog. He is extremely large. I mean, this boy is about 75 lbs! The first morning I woke up, he was at my door and I could only see half of his profile with his eyes staring at me out of the corner of his eye. Then […]

Hossie the Bossie

Debbie Ginn 18626
Debbie Ginn rescued my dog, Chase. Chase was found at the bottom of a dumpster by a couple who was traveling through a rest area. They called the police and told her where she was located so she could be saved. 4-5 days later, the couple went back to check […]

Debbie Ginn – My Mentor

IMG_2824 18615
Today, Donna is bringing me to a dog walk at the Humane Educational Society. That is where I visited yesterday. They easily have over 200 dogs. It’s extremely overwhelming. While they set up, I will be able to interact with the dogs I’d like to pull. I will be testing […]

Dark Chocolate